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Two Types of Vacuum Pump Machines


Vacuum Pump Machine

At present, commercial small vacuum machines in the market can be divided into two types: internal pumping type and external pumping type.

Internal pumping vacuum machine

Internal pumping vacuum machine is a model that performs vacuum sealing and packaging in a vacuum chamber. This type of vacuum machine performs vacuum sealing in the vacuum chamber, so the vacuum packaging effect achieved is good, and it is not afraid of a small amount of oil and water, and can be used for both dry and wet purposes.
Its shortcoming is that it has a single function, and there are limitations on the size of the vacuum chamber.
Its shortcomings are: when the machine is working, the air nozzle is extended into the packaging bag and the vacuum is drawn, the air nozzle should be retracted, so it is inevitable that there will be a gas return phenomenon, so that the vacuum degree it can reach is not as good Internal pumping.

External pumping vacuum machine

External pumping vacuum machine is a type of external vacuum sealing and packaging machine. This type of vacuum machine is used to extend the air nozzle into the packaging bag for vacuum sealing. Not constrained by the size of the vacuum chamber. Theoretically, it is a model that restricts the width of the bag mouth and the length of the bag. With this type of product, it is mostly a combination of multiple functions. It can be individually sealed, and vacuum + sealing can also be performed. Moreover, the operation of these models is generally more flexible.