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Leak tester in The Field of Automotive Air Tight Test Industry

Automobile parts companies have the following applications for automotive airtight leak detectors (that is, waterproof testing and tightness testing):

1. Automotive airtight leak detector is used to test the airtightness of the connector: it is required to detect the airtightness of the connector under vacuum or positive pressure, generally it is required to detect positive or negative pressure from 15kpa to 60kpa. After the product is sealed, the air tightness is tested. The leakage rate of the tested product generally does not exceed 1cc / min, which is a qualified product, that is, IP67 waterproof test level.

2. Automotive airtight leak detector is used for camera waterproof test: generally adopts IP66 waterproof detection level, or IP67 waterproof detection level, and the detection pressure is 20 to 40KPA positive pressure or negative detection. The leakage rate does not exceed 50PA just qualified.

3. Automobile airtightness leak detector for new energy automobile battery pack airtightness leak detection: Direct inflation method (direct pressure method) is used for detection, and the volume is relatively large. In order to improve the airtightness detection efficiency, pre-inflation method can be used. The leakage rate generally does not exceed 150PA to be qualified

4. Automotive airtight leak detector is used for controller airtightness detection, hub airtightness detection, generally requires 15kpa to 100kpa positive pressure or negative pressure detection, the use of fixtures to seal the product for airtightness testing. The leakage rate of the test product is generally not more than 1cc / min as qualified products, that is, IP67 waterproof test.