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Vacuum Extrusion Machine For Air Conditioner

Structure and performance characteristics of Vacuum Extrusion Machine For Air Conditioner:
1. The vacuum extruder is composed of a two-stage stirring extrusion part (upper stage) and an extrusion molding part (lower stage), and is equipped with an air compression system and a vacuum system. The pneumatic clutch can be used for remote control. Upper and lower levels can be installed in a single or T-shape.
2.The main body of the vacuum extruder is made of high-quality steel plates, which has a reasonable structure, large extrusion pressure, high vacuum, ruggedness, and applicability ...
3.The main cutter of the vacuum brick machine is made of abrasion-resistant materials, which makes its service life 4 to 7 times longer than that of ordinary cutters; the lead (pitch) ...
4.Vacuum extruder shafts, gears and other important parts are made of high-quality carbon steel and alloy steel after heat treatment processes such as quenching and tempering.