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  • The precision air conditioner in the computer room can effectively control the water source by using the water leakage detection system, which can realize the linkage between the monitoring system and the water supply system in the computer room.


  • It is summer now, and the use of air conditioners is relatively frequent, but in the process of use, we often encounter water leakage in the air conditioner. Water leakage in the air conditioner is a relatively common failure of the air conditioner, and the reasons for the water leakage in the air conditioner are also multi-faceted.


  • At present, commercial small vacuum machines in the market can be divided into two types.


  • The application of air tightness leak detector in automobile air tightness test industry: the main purpose is used for the air tightness test, waterproof test, air tightness test of automobile products, such as the air tightness test of automobile controller, and the air tight leak detection of battery pack Wait.


  • The leaking substance with a certain pressure is filled inside the test piece. If there is a leak hole in the test piece using vacuum leak detection equipment for air conditioner, the leaking substance will leak out from the leak hole. The leak from the leak hole is detected outside the test piece by a certain method or instrument. Showing the leaked substance, so as to determine the existence, location and size of the leak.