R290 Refrigerant Charging Machine

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Dongliu automation technology co.,Ltd, integrates design, production, sales and service. We are specialized in producting the whole asesembly line of air conditioning & heating: including converyor, refrigerant charging machine, heavy leakage inspection, vacuum extraction equipment, air conditioning & heating performance test machine,R32 & R290 refrigerant assembly line and corollary equipment. We enjoy a reputation of quality, ethics and service.
Our company have a team of experienced professionals with over 15 years of industry exposure. We have served more than 100 brands, much to the satisfaction of our clients. They keep coming back because they only want the best in friendly, proficient, and cost-effective services.
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Foshan Dongliu Automation Technology CO,. LTD. is one of the leading China R290 Refrigerant Charging Machine manufacturers and suppliers with one of the famous brands, as a professional company our factory is able to produce low price High precision R290 Refrigerant Charging Machine with high quality.